Getting involved

Financial Support

Our ministry relies solely on individuals, churches and organized fund raisers to operate this program at no charge to our clients.

Prayer Support

Your prayers are precious to our ministry. Please call or e-mail us to receive our updated prayer needs or to be added to our mailing list.

Volunteer Support

The sacrificial giving of our volunteers’ time and talents is greatly appreciated. Volunteer opportunities include labor coaches, transportation, encouragement and mentoring, office assistance, activity planning and much more. See some of the volunteer descriptions below:

Encouragement Team: Send special little notes and/or make phone calls aimed at encouraging the girls. Participate in special events at the home including ice cream parties, cookouts, homemade pizza night, game nights, scrap booking, etc.

Special Delivery Team: Provide transportation to and from unusually scheduled doctors’ appointments; this allows for one-on-one time with the girls.

Labor Coach: Become a partner with one girl and attend Lamaze Class with her. You will also be the one who takes her to the hospital when it is time and will stay with her throughout labor to be her coach. (We prefer that those who choose to coach also be on the encouragement team so that your face would be familiar to the girls).

Spiritual Counselor: May lead bible studies or act as mentor (discipleship program).

Discipleship/Mentoring Program: By referring to the Titus example, we wish to have “wiser woman” mentoring to the “younger woman”.

Tutoring: We will have several girls working at differing levels of education. Tutors for various subjects and levels of difficulty are extremely helpful to assist the girls in reaching their academic goals while at the home.

Office Assistance: We need ladies who are willing to do a variety of administrative tasks.

Houseparent Assistance: At least one houseparent is on duty in the home at all times. These caring and loving women need help with a number of different tasks, including: preparing lunch/dinner, various kitchen jobs, cleaning, errand running, and providing support in any other way possible.

Runner: We may often need an extra person to run errands. This could include deliveries, taking a girl to the doctor, or a mail run.

Nurturing Families: Those who are willing to host a newborn child that is being adopted out until placement into the new adoptive home. These families would have to meet state requirements partnered with the Georgia Department of Human Resources.